-------------------- Most Memorable Characters --------------------


Crew of the S.S. Minnow

AC Most remembered by his crewmates for stumbling in a bar fight, tossing his pistol across the bar, which exploded on impact killing "Kitty" Houston (the ship’s Rocketjocket, and cash cow).  And if any of them had lived, he would be known by the various pirate organizations for welcoming their boarding parties aboard by electrifying the airlock deck.
Tasha She was accident-prone.  Fortunately for her, and for most of her teammates, her accidents affected others.  Her accidents including, “braking” people like customs agents and ship’s captains.
Dan a.k.a. the "Mad Toy Bomber.”  Suspected, but never proven, to be the "Paper Bag Bomber."  A notorious menace wanted throughout The Belt, who would place suspicious paper bags about and call in an anonymous tip or bomb threat just to watch the action.
Rowan a.k.a. the "Cabin Boy."  He is best know by his surviving crewmates as the most dangerous Rocketjock in space - "...the best pilot the enemy ever had" (anonymous).  He was personally responsible for the destruction of two cruisers - his own, and the deaths of several shipmates.

The Misfits

"We are not the professionals you are looking for."

Yonka Declared too dumb to stand trial on Ceres, The Belt.  Wanted on Luna in connection with the slayings of three Lunarian police officers, for questioning in the slaying of three others, and for aiding Paulie (see below) in escaping.  But his real fame was his last words when he saw himself on a wanted poster, "Hoo, Hoo!  I'm famous!" - said just before several police officers opened fire.

a.k.a. the "Tycho Terror." He is still at large and lurking in the shadows of Tycho, Luna.


Need we say more?


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