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Eleanor -

Been playing since D&D rolled out, would rather play than DM (as she does infrequently for another group).  When asked for a character history, she turns in a novel (in fact one is being turned into a novel).  Has played D&D®; AD&D® 1st and 2nd Edition; is the current rollup character queen for Buck Rogers XXVc®; Travellers®; Star Trek®; Star Wars®; Harn®; Boot Hill®; Top Secret®; Tunnels & Trolls®; Gamma World®; Call of Cthulhu-modern®; Dark Conspiracy®; and Vampire: The Masquerade®; just to name a few!  No children (that she knows about), attended several colleges but never graduated.


"My mother drew it [the picture], ... from a picture of me in fifth grade."

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John R. -

I'm divorced and a father of two. I spent some time in the military; didn't like it much. I currently play on Saturday nights at the Oregon Chapter game. I have played Buck Rogers XXVc®, Star Trek®, D&D®, and some Super Hero® games; D&D® and Star Trek® are my favorites. I also play D&D® computer games, watch cartoons, and watch & play sports.

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Kevin L. -

A Founder, a prior member of the New York Chapter, GM, DM, and Web Novice of these pages. Has, or has had, two wives, four kids, spent ten years in the U.S. Air Force, and four years in college.  He made the fortunate error of mentioning that he DMed on the first night of an AD&D® game that he was invited to by Eleanor W.  On that Memorial Day weekend he started DMing a still running AD&D® campaign.  He introduced this group to Buck Rogers in the 25th Century® as well,  It was a hit here, too.  He has created his own web page.

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Debora -

A Founder, and a prior member of the New York Chapter.  Veteran wife, veteran mother, veteran of the Air Force, and one heck of a role-player, who her husband (Kevin L.) dragged into every roleplaying game he manages to DM/GM.  Without her support neither RAGG nor these pages would exist.

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David F. -

I’m married and a father of two. I've played Buck Rogers XXVc®, BattleTech®, Dark Conspiracy®, AD&D® 1st and 2nd Edition, and D&D®. AD&D® 1st and 2nd Edition and D&D® are my favorites. I've also created several MS Excel 2000® spreadsheets for character generation for AD&D®, Dark Conspiracy®, and Buck Rogers XXVc®. And I've created my own web site called, Dragon's Gate.

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David D. -

Warhammer® player, internet & network computer gamer.

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Stacie -

I really don't know what to put but I suppose I can think of a little something. I've been roleplaying since around '96 mostly online.  I enjoy playing all types of characters, but I am not very good at playing mages.  I've played everything from AD&D® to Star Trek® online.  Right now I am playing Neverwinter Nights© a great deal, as well as other Chat room roleplaying.  Only time I seem to get out of the house for an extended period of time is to go to the Saturday night game... which I am trying to fix.

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John M. -

Being single, I generally have had the time for several hobbies like video RPGs, Magic the Gathering® card game, and when time permits I am an assistant wrestling coach. I have played – and still do – AD&D®, Warhammer®, Warhammer Fantasy Role-play®, Heroes Unlimited®, TMNT®, Rifts®, and Palladium Fantasy®. Palladium Fantasy® is my favorite, but I tend to play a lot of AD&D®. I have even tried being a DM/GM, and even though I don’t like, I have DM/GM both AD&D® and Palladium®. Other then that, I would say I am a full time student. I have basically 4 years of collage, and I am still attending it. And I work at a rubber recycle plant.

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Gloria -

David F.'s Mom.

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Kevin W. -

Eleanor's nephew.


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