• Roll'em Again Gaming Group, also known as RAGG, was originally created by a very diverse group of dedicated game players  in the small town of Plattsburgh, in northeastern New York state.

  • The original intent of The Founders of Roll'em Again Gaming Group was to provide a semi-organized gaming club for a small group of local gamers interested in a wide variety of games.

  • In time, RAGG developed into a "black book" directory, verbal bulletin board, and informal network for local, and transient gamers from the local area which included, State University of New York's Plattsburgh Campus and Plattsburgh Air Force Base (until its closure).  This allowed players to contact on another, referees to advertise new games, and/or established groups to recruit new players for expanding games.

  • With the sponsorship of "Fantastic Planet," and "Gamemaster," two of the three local game and hobby stores in the Plattsburgh, RAGG hosted informal tournaments and various ad hoc gaming events.

  • Unfortunately, "...all good things must come to an end...."  People move on, bases close, industries relocate, students graduate ... things change.  Roll'em Again Gaming Group's New York Chapter has not gone.  But after three years it was, regretfully, time for me to go.


  • With some of the same intention, but unfortunately with none of the free time or resources that were once available, Roll'em Again Gaming Group's Oregon Chapter has been created.  With this web site and a great group of people I hope to, in time, attain what the east coast chapter had.


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