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David Gilhooly

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David Gilhooly's Home Page

Who is David Gilhooly and why is he lost on the Web?


David Gilhooly is a well-known sculptor, who isJpeg of David Gilhooly in 1968 with Chris Sloth 29K recognized primarily for his ceramic sculptures of animals, food, planets and the FrogWorld (This is not a typo.).  A graduate of the University of California at Davis (BA, 1965 MA, 1967), Gilhooly along with his peers, working in TB-9 (temporary building 9) were what was later to be coined the Funk Ceramic Movement of the San Francisco Bay Area. In 1982, Gilhooly started exploring the media of Plexiglas, but still produced a multitude of ceramic pieces.  In 1996 he finally gave up clay completely to work on what Gilhooly calls the shadow boxes, which are a much evolved form of the Plexiglas pieces.  The "peep shows", as others have called them, are reminiscent of the works of Joseph Cornell

Since getting a computer and having access to e-mail, David Gilhooly has been asked by many people about his work. This site seemed the most efficient way of dispersing the information. If you still have questions concerning the work please feel free to e-mail David. He's been known to sulk when he doesn't get any mail.

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David Gilhooly gives permission for all images to be down-loaded for any non-commercial use including wallpaper, images for papers or presentations.  If you wish to download an image file, simply right-click on the image and choose save. Remember to have your disk in the proper port . All image files have been compressed for the web so that down-load times are as minimal as possible without compromising too much on the quality of the images, but they may not print well.  This is a site about an artist and his work so it is rather image heavy. Click on most images to get a larger view. Click "back" at the top of your browser window (or right click on your mouse, then click "back") to get back to the text. Once in a while a "mouse-over" an image will yield a comment or two. Underlined titles have corresponding images somewhere on the page. 

We also have text only pages for those who wonder why their typewriters are connected to their television sets and feel more comfortable with hard copy. You can ask a friend to help you. These pages were designed to be easy on printer ink. A link back to the site has been provided at the bottom of each page to avoid orphan pages. And as soon as I can get it together I'll try to get a slide show up of the FrogFood that will hopefully not crash anybody's computer.

All questions about the content of this site including technical questions about firings, clay formulas, technique, etc. should be directed to David Gilhooly. Also, if you're viewing this site from off-planet David wants to know about it!

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Last revised December 3, 1999

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