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This page contains information about how we create web pages
Our preference is to avoid use of "frames" on pages.  Typically, frames reduce your "viewing area."

Frames create a "cluttered" appearance.

Our "Pricing" page is a tasteful example of frames.  "Example #2" shows how frames can be used as a banner.

If you have a small monitor or laptop, you may loose the effect of Pricing example.  This is one of the reasons we do not favor frames.

Our web pages are created for screen settings of 640 x 480 which is considered worse case or smallest viewing area possible.  This is done to avoid bothersome side-scrolling for most user's monitors.

   Through use of "tables," text can be located virtually anywhere on a page.  Examples of this can be viewed by previewing our example and "link" pages.

Most of our examples on this site have a continuous colored side-bar on the left side.  This is an attractive feature which is a good place to locate links, index, brief information, etc.

White Background        Transparent Background

The red telephone graphic above on the left was made with an opaque background.  Graphics usually have a white, gray or black background. None of our graphics appear to be pasted onto a page.

This page, as well as our home and information page, are "left justified."  Unless you have your monitor's viewable area set for 640 x 480, there is probably some white, blank area on the right side of this page.  This is a very common, and sometimes preferred method to to set-up web pages.  Example #2, Links, and Pricing Page make full use of a monitor's viewable area.

Our "Contact Us" page shows you how text can be centered on a page within a colored background.  Please forgive the long download time for the Contact Page as we created a very "graphic" background that takes some time to download.  Text and graphics are also inserted in the left side-bar.  Unfortunately, we did not create an example where all the text and graphics are centered on a page (white, blank space on each side), but we can easily provide that format.

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Quality of transparent backgrounds in our examples are delivered quality of this product. We use state-of-the-art software to convert graphics to a transparent background.

Another detailed graphic example is "Web Page Design by Balanced Resources" in bottom right-hand corner of this page.

'Your Company' Logo

Your logo and images can be scanned and used in your pages.  We have a huge library of icons, clip art and fonts.

   "Your Company" graphic on the left was created with anti-aliased properties which give it a smooth-finished appearance.

Backgrounds, buttons and bars can be custom-made to suit your web page's color scheme.

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Home Page Why Netscape instead of Microsoft Explorer you ask? HTML 3.2 is used to create web pages.  This is language is compatible with Netscape 2.2 and newer as well as Explorer web browsers.  We use sometimes utilize "javascript" features for graphics.  Netscape 3.0x and newer or Explorer 4.0x are required to view these features.

Case-in-point: Graphics for this page were created from exact dimensions using PhotoShop.  When Explorer 3.0x assembles these pieces they do not quite fit into "tables" as designed! Everything goes together like clockwork in Netscape.

So if you are using Explorer 3.0x to view these pages, alignment many look a "scosh" off.  That is one of the minute differences between these two programs.

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