The minor holes in the rules that could have been easily filled are one minor bad point. I adapted rules and data from other games (esp. AD&D® 2nd Addition) such as multi-weapon and multi-target modifiers, a critical hits/fumble system, advanced training schools and academies, equipment quality, armor/suit hit points, types and onsets for the medical drugs, incorporation of equipment from the other XXVc sources, improved medical treatment (First Aid does improve treatment), and more.

    One point that has been commented on by several players is that the BR XXVc universe is limited to a single solar system, our own Sol system. This limitation makes it more difficult for the GM to adapt missions from other games and of course limits the mission possibilities.

    And the worst thing of all, like Star Frontiers® ten years before and now Alternity® ten years after, it was dropped by TSR after a short lifespan.



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