Pleiadian Lightwork
Nadya King, Lightwork Practitioner

    Pleiadian Lightwork is the name given to the healing, Spiritual Activation, and Ascension work which are part of Amorah Quan Yin's Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School. This school is a revitalized version of the ancient Lemurian, Atlantean, and Egyptian Temple teachings.  Amorha's  Pleiadian Workbook, (Bear & Co, 1996) gives an overview of the work, & can be used to activate your 'Divine Ka' or Spiritual Meridians.  The Ka acts as a bridge between our third dimensional body & the other dimensions.
    Amorah writes that it
is about 40-80% effective for an individual to do the activations utilizing the Workbook, with no hands-on work.  Sessions & classes with a Lightwork Practitioner enhance your individual work, & bring the effectiveness closer to 100%.   (p 151)  Amorah recieved sessions from her early students to complete her own activation, & attests to the difference.

    I first met Amorah in 1992.  I heard many of the stories in the Workbook firsthand over the next several years, & in the fall of 1996 took her month long Pleiadian Lightwork Intensive, to become a Certified Lightwork Practioner. Each morning my Celtic Harp Tuille & I helped Amorah set the Dolphin Star Temple Space as we played her original songs.  Other students felt the Star Temple activate when I played during sessions.  I use harp music in study groups & classes to anchor the Dolphin Star Temple & invite the assistance of the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, Angels & high level guides.  
    Several years later I attended a Fall Equinox ceremony at Amorah's home in Mt. Shasta, & played Tuille as we meditated. One of the magical occurances on the way home - as we talked about Ascension my friend Margo saw Mother Mary's face on the side of the mountain, just as I saw a white dove fly past our car, from the Left!  In Pleiadian Perspectives on Human Evolution, Amorah writes that Mother Mary was the first person to become enlightened on Earth, in her Lemurian incarnation as Ma-Ra.  (p 202-212)  Amorah has told me I'm one of the few people she's met that has shared lifetimes as a Priestess in all 4 Brittish Isle countries. We both have memories as priestesses in earlier cultures as well, are part Cherokee, & have strong Farie connections. 

    I offer Lightwork groups, classes & Sesions based on Amorah's teachings, practices from my own Celtic & Cherokee heritage, & other teachings as they are called forth. Working in groups enhances each person's psychic abilities, which Amorah calls 'Full Sensory Perception.'  I encourage you to use the Workbook to complement our work together.   The daily practices enhance the activation of your Higher Self & integration of your Ka. Reiki Masters & students find the Lightwork teachings & practices deepen their experiences with Reiki, while Reiki brings a gentleness to the Lightwork shifts.  

Classes & sessions may include any of these teachings:

Grounding, Balancing & Aura Boundaries

Akashic Record Journies

          Clearing Contracts & Cords

Colour Energy Balancing

 Dolphin patterning & Movement

  Eating Stars & other Qigong teachings

  Energetic 'Chelation'

  Etheric Integration

    12 Strand DNA Activation

              Ka Template Activation

             Ka Channel balancing       

           Flower Essences & personal 'bouquets'

               Paradigm Shift

               Tsalagi (Cherokee) Chants for Chakra balance

    I invite you to receive, hold & transmit the true light of your soul essence, & beam forth your inner star-light!  I am happy to assist you in this process.  Together we will explore which teachings & sessions are appropriate for your journey to wholeness.  O Sada, it is good.

Nadya King,
Pleiadian Lightwork Practitioner, certified by Amorah


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