Northwest Pole Buildings by Adam H. Berkey
NE Oregon and SE Washington (Columbia River areas)

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Prosser, WA
Benton County



West Richland, WA



Kennewick, WA
Benton County

Install 18'x11'6" overhead door to an existing building 



Finley, WA
Benton County

24'6" x 36' x 9'


Prosser, WA

Benton County

18'x36'x14' with
(2) 15'x36' lean-to

From 12' bay shielded



Kennewick, WA
Benton County

36' x 48' x 16'

West Richland, WA

Benton County


30' x 40' x 12'

Kennewick, WA
Benton County



Pasco, Washington
Franklin County



Hermiston, Oregon
Umatilla County



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Index    Pricing     Photos of Work    Why Hire NWPB?      Colorchart
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