Northwest Pole Buildings by Adam H. Berkey
NE Oregon and SE Washington (Columbia River areas)

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Building dimensions:
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How many enclosed walls:
Number of walk-in doors:
Number of sliding doors:
(# of panels; ie, double door=2)
Number of overhead (garage) doors:
ie, (2) at 10x10, (1) at 12x14
Number of dutch doors:
(for horse stalls, 4'x7')
Number of windows:
ie, (2) 4030 and (1) 6040
Natural light panels:
(Trasparent or Translucent)
(floor sizes)
Additional commets:
Describe roofs, overhangs,
loft sizes, sidewalks,
lean-to dimensions, insulation needs,
site descriptions, and any additional
info that will help me provide you
with a more accurate initial estimate.

If you describe the building enough, I'll be able to
sketch a building to include in my estimate response
so you can see if my price is based on your description.

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