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Welcome to Vesdom Acres Llamas. We have a small farm located in the beautiful Willamette Valley of NW Oregon. Located just 35 miles southwest of Portland, we enjoy the quiet rural lifestyle of the beautiful Oregon Wine Country.

In 1995, we were approached by a neighbor who ask if she could use our empty pasture to put a few of her llamas in. After spending a year enjoying those guys, and doing a lot of research, we decided if we were going to have llamas in our pasture, they should be ours. We visited about half the llama farms in the Willamette Valley, there are LOTS of llama farms in northwest Oregon. We found a the most wonderful male, a *Chavito son, who stole my heart. We purchased him along with two great females from Rain Dance Ranch Llamas and the dream began. We were a llama farm.

Though never having had large animals before, we have raised and shown Dobermans for over 30 years, so have a pretty good idea of how to evaluate an animal and its potential, plan a breeding program and most of all, form that most important "Ideal Llama" image in our mind. So Vesdom Dobermans became Vesdom Acres and we couldn't be happier.

Our ideal llama will first and foremost have an excellent foundation, i.e. structurally correct with, straight legs, good proportion, genetic health, a gentle, willing temperament and reproductive soundness. From this foundation, we can "build" the type of llama most appropriate for each of our llamas. Some being athletic working llamas for packing or guarding, some wonderful fiber animals. All being suitable for companion animals, pasture landscapers, or just being llamas. Llamas come in all types, shapes and sizes. We have some of each. We have some with wonderful, dense, heavy fiber, some that are tall athletic classic style. Some are large, some are small.

 We enjoy our llamas and the lifestyle they provide. We produce only a few crias each year, and spend a lot of time working with them and enjoying them. 

If youdazzle4.jpg (6815 bytes) see someone who strikes your fancy, contact us for the details. We pride ourselves on our after sales support.

Well, let's head off to the barn and look at the llamas.


The coffee is always on at Vesdom Acres, please give us a call to arrange a visit to the farm.

Vern and Janie Hendershott
Carlton, OR 97111



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Last modified: October 05, 2001